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Dear Family and Friends,


On October 20th 2013 I will be running the Scotia Waterfront Half Marathon in support of Imagine A Cure For Leukemia. The last time I ran this distance was in March of 2009 so it has been quite some time since I have trained at this level of intensity.


When I plan my running routes, people have often asked me why I choose to run on main streets where there is traffic coming, pollution from the cars in the air and an all over  feeling of chaos, versus choosing side streets or running paths where the experience would be more calm. This is my reason. Every time I set out on the distance I have to complete, I wonder if while I am running, someone driving in a car or sitting on a bus, may notice me and think “Hey, I can do that” and might decide that that is the day they are going to put on their running shoes and try something new. Every day I am inspired by my family and friends and my goal is to pay it forward.


Or else someone might see me running and think “I wish I could do that.”


On October 20th, I will be running for anyone who has ever wanted to run a half marathon but for whatever reason cannot. I want to run this half marathon with the same passion, dignity and strength that I have watched family members fight their battles with cancer.


My kids have asked me if I am going to try to win the marathon. I have explained to them that winning for me will be to see their faces as I cross the finish line. That being a “finisher” is just as rewarding as winning, because when you meet the goals you have set out for yourself, there is truly no better feeling.


My goal is to raise $648.00. If you can support me in any way to help me reach my goal, it will be truly appreciated.


Thank you,



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